Weekend Wrap Up & Vague Rant

Well it’s Monday and sleep is treating me like a rabid knife salesman gone door to door in electric carver land (as usual).

To pass the time and alleviate the 6am no slumber ever blues, let me say a little about the weekend.

It was largely fantastic. Run! Hide! are swell, Ripping Dylans are swell – they positively sweat swellness! And big love to the two handsome fellows who went in for a little man on man on man lip action – ladies, fear not, I’ve got your love needs covered at the next show (don’t be bashful).

Thankyou to everyone who came out to see us at The Annandale – there was something special about that show and I think that the other guys felt it too – we have hit our stride and anyone who missed out, well, plenty more where that came from!
Now,if only I hadn’t been so excited by these developments and left the consumption of B/W/S to a moderate and sanity preserving level – I possibly commited a wide array of internet crimes while drunk when i arrived home many hours later; unfortunately there was a bottle of rose’ waiting for me, so the situation went fairly pear shaped.

On a down note, public transport continues to be utilized by a far worse class of drunk than myself – what is it about people that lends them the notion that they have the right to invade the personal space of others? I understand that not everyone goes in for my flash and dazzle sense of style, but to be fair, I’ve never tried to rough someone up for wearing brown leather shoes with blue jeans! Play nice, fellows, for tis the children that shall suffer!

Now, back to scrabble and single player RPGs and seriously avoiding any work on the novel that should be consuming my life but for now is merely a distraction from cleaning animal waste.

Yours in Joy, Genius and Hilarity


On a down


One Response to “Weekend Wrap Up & Vague Rant”

  1. what’s wrong, mister? don’t you enjoy drunk fucksticks ragging on your style and homeless bums wacking off whilst holding onto their last bottle of paint thinner poured into a coke zero bottle? i sure do. it’s part of the whole cityrail experience. i also lke my teeth pulled out through my eyesockets and listening to rob thomas so maybe i’m the wrong chica to ask.

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