Oneiric? Future? Wolf?

Good morning,
It feels as late afternoon; to stay my course, I have been up for far too long (though to play fair, I did manage to wrangle a heady thirteen hour snooze last I slept thanks to my ol’ buddy dolased, so what else other than a thirty-forty hour jaunt through a ‘day’?) and am ready to divulge information that many of you will find to be usless, unhelpful or possibly distasteful. I say possibly as I have no idea where this is going.

To start with, I have recently discovered that I have the ability to discern the future through dreams. On my recent visits to a hosptial, I realized that I had dreamt of this place several months ago, when I was both unaware of the existence of this complex and the fact that I would be visiting it. Now, some may say that you’ve seen one hospital and you’ve seen them all, but to that I declaim “silence, knave!”, for not only did I evision oneiric depictions of the interior, but also the bus stops (strangely, there were no buses running), the cafe’ across the road and the various gardens about the exterior.
Now, to make no fine point on this, with these abilities to dwell on, it makes me wonder just how long it is until the Future Wolf actually does show up at a car window and drag me off into a bed of rose bushes while chamber music plays in the distance? When will my brothers ride their bicycles so fast at barb wire fencing so fast that they shoot through without flesh and ride on as skeletons? When will I enter the cornfield after running all night from a house with eyes, only to meet a leper and flee the sunrise lest I become him? Old Bonesy lived in a pumpkin patch and had yellow eyes, he had a fiddle that I never heard but still think about twenty years on, especially when I’m far from home. I remember the dog with the man head that was running up and down a hall while Jesus watched and there was a cupboard full of dead skin masks with a serving boy ready to help you try them on. Glowing men at the window rode another dog, about eight feet tall on his hind legs, he left red lines taller than those of my hound (this one got me falling out of a top bunk and I cut my back up on a tall glass of water). Not to mention all the strange sex and violence and chronological difficulties. Oh; and the underground gardens that glow and have bubbling pits and the walls are all novels.

But until that all come to pass, we have just one more show coming up before we take a month off to finish up our writing for the album and getting together a demo for yall; then I think we head to Brisbane for a couple of shows and then back to Wollongong and Sydney and then likely Melbourne and so on…

Well, I’m not exhausted but I’m sure your patience must be
hope to catch yall around and about at night

much love


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