The Black Tooth Supper Club

I was away from the two noodle meals per day diet for quite some time. Honestly, I never thought that I would return to it; and I never wanted to. It’s terrible for a person, each ‘meal’ has enough saturated fat in it to fulfil half your daily need for fat intake, that probaly isn’t healthy. For some reason, this acts as a laxative also and I spend a ghastly amount of time in the WC, much like after an extended bout with cheap wine, yet without the vague sense of guilt and adventure.
Let me tell you, friends, find something else, if you’re considering skimping on your food budget for whatever reason – our own Fraidy Cat Podmore is known to devour two or three huge bowls of flavourless pasta in one sitting – now that’s the stuff that sticks to your ribs, though you’d never tell from his waifish figure.
Smokin’ D would likely disapprove of all this; he is known throughout his social circle as a culinary wizard of sorts, just try his blue berry, haloumi and red wine salad (if you are ever lucky enough to gain an invitation to his table).
Outside of scrimping and saving, malaise and rampant gastronomic snobbery, you’d find Ol’ Black Tooth Marks, that’s a fellow who knows where to draw the line; a touch of class, a touch of convenience. Take it from me, he eats his fill with his mind on the metabolism; clever as usual.
Now, as I take my leave of yall, I’m off to consume inordinate amounts of caffeine and wonder why sleep is still treating me like a harlot with no bust.

Yours in pointless rambling



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