The Magic Of Lies

You know how Christianity was just taken from Sumerian king making rituals and stuff? Philtered through the Egyptians, the concept of Ma’at – being good because it’s good. It is the natural way (slightly different from karma, but same end result, one would think). Why aren’t we making myths anymore? Oh, i know that we have stuff like the Yeti and the Jersey Devil and Scientology; i want people going out into the desert and talking to the bones of a mammoth and then they drag it bag naked and carry it around on a silver pole.
I want magic and wonder. I love that i don’t have polio and the ease that i can read lies about celebrities and private citizens alike on the internet – just wish that there was more mystery in the world.
So take a page from my book: tell someone a lie. A big,outrageous lie.
I’m not telling you to cheat on your loved one, nor steal nor cheat at cards (you sly bastards).
Tell someone you saw a dog on it’s hindlegs dancing the hooch with a snake. Keep a box of coins under your bed and insist that every night they multiply. Who knows, something may catch on and in 2000 more years, you could have been the beginning of something very special. Don’t do it for money or influence. Do it to add mystery to a world where you can use googlemaps and wikipedia to find out anything with the dance of your fingers.
Don’t lie about wolves though.
I’m sure you don’t need that warning.
Much Love
WH, a liar and your friend.


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