Late Night Boogaloo

12:27am, Tuesday.
Monday : Black Books, Entourage, JT Leroy, long walk in the night air, aggressive old cat and a whole lot of James Booker and New Wave.
Sunday: Forgot to book the studio. Bad man. Writing session in ‘my room’. Fox Queen is saved, Granpappy got the porch blues. Young Podmore off to Newcastle with the Surprise Wasp fellows. Took a bottle of Black Tooth Spritz out for a walk in the night air and worked over some changes with Mr. Marks until we were happy. Studied flesh eating, urine drinking religious sects. Possibly lost my sparrow (which I think may have died years ago anyways).
Saturday: House hunting with Jazz Hat. Meeting with Ms. Alice Amsel re: album art and a thorough explanation as to what I am actually raving about all the time – as it turns out it is this: abortion, eating wolves/cellists, string theory, corporal punishment in a mean and medieval sense, weird love triangles, liars, liars and more liars. Headed home with The Black Tooth Spritz ready to ride and watched films with Mr. Marks and Ms. Bell (unless the spritz destroyed my brain, it was Blindess, Footloose, Monster Squad and Dick Tracy). Possibly should be banned from the internet after four or more drinks.
Friday: Dinner and drinks (or just drinks) with Eliot Prob, KL Conroy, Mr. Marks, Jazz Hat and an assorted cast of ne’er do wells. Bailed early due to ghost related issues. Apparently, things got a little out of hand after I left and many of my bossom chums felt worse for wear the next day. Good times.
Thursday: Rehearsal – went over time, but we really got Pom Pom Laroux in a good position: She is beautiful.
Wednesday: Vocal pre-production with Hammer. Things are developing nicely and each song is stronger than the preceding track. Two more to go and then I’ll do it all again.

Future: We have a full day of pre-production on August 13.
We hit BJB to track drums on August 31 – the real thing.
Film clip production is underway.
We have began writing album number two – expect even more obtuse references to French folklore, Japanese mythology and the nature of a certain time travelling wolf.

Much Love



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