Shakin’ Out Your Granddaughter’s Bones

Allo, gentlefolk…

Tomorrow the beginning ends, we head over to E Street(?) studios and lay out the whole album live. One day to do it all – sure, we’ll be back at BJB and Dave Hammer’s joint starting on the 31st, but tomorrow is the end of the demoing and pre-production. We have re-written the songs so many times that I’m having more trouble than usual keeping my story straight – those of you who picked up Skeleton Demos will have some rare stuff on your hands, as those tracks are remarkably different as of now… of you would still like a copy, all you gotta do is ask, or come to a show (and ask, talk to the red headed hussy at our merch table, she is fast).
We got shows on the 15th in Katoomba and the 29th in Annandale. Come get down.
Oh, check this out, more from dear little Alice AKA Mooju AKA Ms. Poppyfield


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