Hey yall!

Well, after heading out to the Baroque Bar in Katoomba and doin’ it with The Snowdroppers, we now have a new favourite venue and favourite band.
Usually, I would never admit that a band is as great live as us. The Snowdroppers are better.
Also, those mountain folk can really boogie. Hell, I felt bad being on stage instead of with the people.
As far as most arousing frontmen go, Snowdroppers really have it down. He is the kinda man you wanna meet in a dark alley with a soft matress at the end. Just sayin’ is all.

Now, we hit the studio to multi-track the album on the 31st, the night after Blood,Sweat & Beers at the Annandale in Sydney – get on down if you wanna check out us and our buddies Hell City Glamour and Run! Hide! as well as a cavalcade of other quality acts from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Now, i’m off to do some very unpleasant things.
Wish me well.
Your pal,



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