Medicine Show. Rock Show. Other.

I got a job working for a medicine show this week, not a word of a lie there. I’ll put the kazam back in your pants if you follow my drift. Mighty rough, rough, rugged nights ahead for us all and tonight is a schedule conference regarding the running of this here record making undertaking. Unfortunately, I think that I will be detained up on a soap box, learning how to cajole and flim flam – like I need any help with that.

Saturday afternoon will bring respite, albeit briefly. We hit the Annandale Hotel alongside a bunny warren of bands – including our fine, fine friends, Hell City Glamours and Run! Hide!.
We’re on just before 5pm and there will be give aways not only of Skeleton Demos but also compilation CDs featuring tracks from the bands on the bill. Also, get your grub on beforehand, as there is a silver coin donation BBQ running before the bands start.

Monday, terrible Monday – young Smokin’ D hits the kit for the first day of multi-tracking. If he doesn’t get it done by Tuesday, huge serpents will devour our bankrolls.
But it won’t come to this, of course.

Much Love



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