Should You Fuck A Guitar?

Drums, well, Smokin’ D finished up a while back, didn’t he – and of course he celebrated as only the very young can (that means until the sun comes up and his mommy gets real worried).
Bass gone down like a man off a bridge and no shingles were ever gonna stop Mr. Fraidy Cat.
Long time in and Ol’ Blacktooth has wrangled and strangled his guitars.
“You know Skyship, how it was kinda modern? Now it’s old and dirty…” he said to me just earlier today and that warms my phlegm coated heart. For some reason, if I say I fucked up, it means bad, but if you fuck up a guitar, it’s the best thing you could ever mention. And that is just what has happened.
This weekend, we’re gonna have a picnic and play with snakes.
More soon.



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