WH responds to BZ

BZ is in the know, she knows what do to, she makes us tick and sometimes her methods confuse the hell out of me. Sometimes I blow a fuse, I think she finds it amusing. I hope you do too. If not, please go to hell. Bring me back a six pack of mid strength, low carb beer. You can’t have any.

Ok. I don’t get it. I read and just thought what the fuck.I have no idea how to get people to blog or mini blog about us. You’d think good music and a great live show would be enough. Obviously we suck.Or need to play shit soft rock indie electro and have banal lyrics and wear tsubi jeans and fuck boys and girls and have rich parents but still drink cask wine even though our rent is paid and we’ve deferred uni to start a shoegaze band but then again I‘ll do it next week.There.That’s my mini blog.


One Response to “WH responds to BZ”

  1. You blow xxxooo

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