Catchin’ Y’all Up

Yeah, we’ve played a lot of shows lately. Big deal? You bet it is. With the recording of the album stretching out further and further (though really, final piano parts go down on Friday night, then we out like a cat that just pissed in your cereal and you were really looking forward to those Cheerios, weren’t you? Serves you right, fancy pants breakfast lover), playing shows has been all that has kept us sane.
Much love to The Snowdroppers for their continuing participation in the great cocktail-off that was started at the Lady Luck Festival in Katoomba (I don’t know what it was that Mr Wishbone offered me on stage at that sold out Annandale gig they let us ride their tails for, but it was not a salubrious experience).
That said, we’ve got another double-bang to go with the Snowdroppers January 30 at our favourite out-of -the -way joint, The Junyard at Grand Junction Hotel, Maitland. Should be a serious chance for us all to flex our sex joints and really get to grips with the strange relationship that we are developing.
In other news, I’ve been having to cover the holes in my jeans with rags, as I don’t know how to sew. If anyone would like to sew my jeans or even buy me a new pair, that would be great: I’m a size 8 in girls jeans, skinny legs please. Low-mid waisted. Help a fellow out by throwing some money in my Stanton next time you see me out and about.
That’s all for now, folks.
Much Love


One Response to “Catchin’ Y’all Up”

  1. 我們不是因為快樂而歌唱,而是唱歌使我們快樂..................................................

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