Hot Nude Men!

Howdy, y’all. WH up in yo grilled cheese with the knowledge that you so sorely crave.
1. Yeah, Paul from The Snowdroppers does look a bit like me, but then again we do have the greatest beards going at the moment and combined with our dazzling waistcoat/shiny dome and glasses combo, what more could you ask for.
2. When you stay in Maitland, feel free to a) get naked and perform circus tricks with your genitals, b) do the work and c) wait a long time for breakfast.
3. I think that the album is being mixed or something even as I type. If not, someone send tigermoth/iron pig hybrid beasts over to Def Wolf studios to gnaw on Hammer’s inspiration bone.
4. We’re working on not none, not 1, not 3, 4 or 5 but 2 film clips for release over the next couple of months. Hang on to your decency, ladies and gents and also dudes who don’t deserve to be called gents and girls who ain’t ladies, though they probably have no decency to hang on to (in fact, they’ll understand what this is all about – if you have a sense of decency, please have nothing further to do with this orginization).
5. When you’re feeling really under the weather because you were up til the sun was all ‘get off the planet, asshole’ in your face, just get in a car with at least one Korean girl, a bearded gent and a dude who knows how to co-ordinate his hat and shoes with great style and sing 90s karoke – the music is awful but somehow this will stop you from being sick all over a truckstop bathroom while military types enjoy the bigot bile lymerics on the walls. Be careful in the booths however as someone may pour artificial sweetener on your dome. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.
6. I’m still holding my jeans together with rags, does that excite you? I’m sure it does. Please send me bags of rags to attach to my dying trousers.
7. Our stern American overlord, BZ is booking the next tour and we expect to hit Sydney, Katoomba, Maitland, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide and Glenelg at least once each for that little jaunt with bands along the lines of The Beards (those guys get it, obviously), Coerce, The Rumjacks, Jack Nasty Face and a whole host more of ne’er do wells, roust-a-bouts, drinkers, thinkers, stompers and rompers.
8. I think that’s enough for now. Don’t sleep.
Much Love


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