The Many Moods Of Ms KL Conroy

Yo, after reading Kimba’s profile, I decided that she needed more recognition. Here are some pictures of our darling merch girl in all of her whorish glory.



2 Responses to “The Many Moods Of Ms KL Conroy”

  1. Davinia Says:

    I’ll drink to that! Worlds best merch girl.

    She totally deserves a better title for her years of dedication.

    • We like to think of her as more of a merch-whore, but classy, like this was 1891 and we owned an upperclass brothel and she parades our whorish merchandise, a madam if you will, but she isn’t above turning a trick or two herself if the john comes correct stacking chips that will let her neck and fingers shine. Dig it.

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