My First Wife – Sayomi Shimizu

Fox Queen? Pom Pom?

Ok, so now I need to tell y’all about my first wife and yes, she was indeed a fox queen, kitsune’, whatever you want to make of it.

She was also a crossdressing samurai and studied not only the martial arts of ninjitsu, judo, kendo and karate, but also the darker arts of the wu-jen… not to mention her time spent as hangyoku of the hot springs near Atami.

Our graphic design slave once suggested that Sayomi enjoyed ‘boosh doofs,’ this is not so, Gina Belle.

Sayomi Shimizu does not do doofs. Sayomi listens to the sound of trees falling in the woods when she is not even there to hear it and drops gangsta haiku over the samples of Masamune swords cutting up Mongols, the swish, chop, thud creates an excellent back beat.
Sayomi has been know by many names and titles throughout her long and strange life, the most commonly used of which was Pom Pom in both 18th Century Paris/Gevaudan and 19th century North Africa, where she spent a time working in the secret white slave trade.
Most recently, Sayomi has left a fifty year career as a gun for hire to become a recording artist. She says that she is glad to be working as an entertainer again.
I hope that this clears things up.
Much Love

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