Sydney Morning Herald Vs Slim Pickens

Alleged Hipster

So, apparently the beards we sport make us hipsters… what about just compeltely fucking derelict or lazy? What about scholars of old? I’ve been through this before though.

For the sake of evolution, can’t we let people have their own gosh damn opinions? No.

Label everything and everyone that isn’t shopping at the ‘it’ place and then say that where they shop is ‘it’ for the counter culture.

You know why we shop at op shops? Because we put about 80% of our income into paying rent and being in a band. The rest of it goes on buying imported smut and cheap booze. Sure, there are assholes that look poor to be cool… but some people are just in between down and out.

I don’t know if Slim will be exposed to any of this, as he usually spends all his time outside of work and band stuff working on his mid range jumpshot and spin moves in the paint, but really, if he does find out, he’ll be sick. And to think that he’d be worried that he won’t find any lyrical vitriol for his other band (

Hipster? Sydney Morning Herald, you got the wrong guy, Slim hates ‘pretentious phones,’ doesn’t regularly access the internet or give a flying sodomy move what the latest music is. He likes Wu-Tang, James Brown and Opeth last I checked and it has been that way for years.

Please feel free to suck it in the future.

Much Love

WH (possible hipster).


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