You know what’s good?

Chai Tea.

If you don’t agree, you’re wrong and chai is probably better than you.



4 Responses to “You know what’s good?”

  1. Who the hell was that? I’m guessing Smokin’ D. Sign off. I don’t want anyone thinking that I enjoy Chai. For the sake of Adonai and The Morning Star, dude, it’s wrong to be misleading and ambiguous. That’s my game. Stay outta my game and away from my grilled cheese or the crotch photo war is back on.
    Much Love

  2. Kimba Says:

    eat a dick WH .. chai is delicious… unlike your dirty dirty crotch which im sure you play scratch, sniff n lick with on a regular basis

  3. Smokin' D Says:

    Hey everybody, WH loves chai!

  4. Damn children!
    What Kimba says is most assuredly true though I’m sure that we can all agree that GOD MADE DIRT SO DIRT BUST YO ASS! So it goes to follow that my crotch will do the same thing.
    Smokin’ D, you are a scoundrel and a flim flam man. Get back to trimming your 3 or 4 chest hairs.

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