Sweet Revenge

Taking The Throne Tour
starts on February 11 – Kira Puru seems to think this has something to do with revenge.

Things I have seem done in the name of vengeance:
People that I know have
Written raps dissing a person or their unjust actions
Provoked rap battles
Started dance-offs
Written vitriolic letters
Poisoned food
Shoved a tree branch into bicycle spokes
Knocked on a door and high tailed it to the shadows
Crank phone calls
Put too much washing powder in a load, leaving white stains and requiring an additional wash
Spread vile rumours
Sword duel
Shit in a condom and left at the back of a freezer
Masturbated into pillowcases
Done awful things involving toothpaste, chilli, a tooth brush, clothes pegs and a passed out drunk

There’s probably more, but it’s too hot to go on.


One Response to “Sweet Revenge”

  1. I actually lol’d – I need that .. its been weeks since I have slept more than 4 hours per night. I blame you

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