Good Friends Dreams Of Friends

So our good buddy, Frere Valium had a special dream. I wish more folk had special dream. You know I talk a lot of shit, but this is for real.

Quoting him:
last night i had a dream that i was at school & hugh laurie was doing some form of workshop on these display escalators he brought. then WH monks came to run a workshop. it was mufti day & i was wearing my favourite dress. jus as he was about to start this bitch teacher said i had to go put pants on or i couldnt participate. i less th…an willingly obliged & after putting on pants (keeping the dress)& spitting out the window i returned to find everyone half way through an amazing performance of housefire that i wasnt allowed to join in. luke had a keytar he was rockin. i ran around the room once singing along, then the song ended (she was with child) & luke came over to me. his skin started to turn the colour of a corpse then he was briefly simo soo. changing back we walked outside then i woke up


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