How To Cure a Hangover

He spaketh thusly and t'was truer than any other words

Hi there, this is your friendly, neighbourhood shower sage, WH.
As most of you have been coming out to our 4 Drink Minimum Tour, I thought I should help you out with some advice on hangover cures. Really, it comes down to a rule of twos – do these things twice and you’ll feel twice as nice:
Crap out the toxins – that’s right, it takes two shits to get a lot of the dormant booze and other chemicals out of your system, so make sure you do them both. The first is usually the more solid of the two.
Jack it, baby! – Definitely achieve two orgasms within the first few hours of waking. Make the effort, this is vital.
Raise your cup – coffee cup, that is, though any two caffienated beverages will do. This may even aid you in geting the booze crapped out.
Get clean – goes without saying almost, but showering will sooth your bestial body. I like to combine the orgasmic part of this surefire cure with the cleaning bit, but each to their own.
By this point, you should be ready to slink off for a few afternoon drinks before the night shows up and tells you to get serious.


2 Responses to “How To Cure a Hangover”

  1. Dean Smokestack Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I even recommend the pre-sleep bowel void if you are in any state to achieve such a motion.

  2. Leemoss Says:

    Words of wisdom right there.

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