4 Drink Minimum Tour Awards

Kung Fu Boobs Management Award – Nicole BZ
Shadow People Encouragement Award For Most Nocturnal Roadside Urinations – Blacktooth
Tetris Wizard Loading Award – Six Guns
Party Pony Pants Off Award – WH
Dance Party Dorothy’s Magic Slippers Award -Slim
Jabberwocky Most Quotable Award – Six Guns
Prison Breakout Award – Smokin’ D
Hottest Soul Sister – Kira Puru
AD & D 2nd Edition Multi-class Award – Janey Mac (Pirate/Doctor/Bassist)
Road Train Driving Medal (with amphetamines) – Six Guns
Award For Most Birthdays During Tour – Blacktooth (1)
Lifetime Achievement Retirement Watch – Smokin’ D
Chuck Norris Ass Kicking Title Belt For Soldiering On – Slim
Southern Hospitality Apron – Sally + Gordon
Northern Hospitality Apron – Jodi
Most Dominating Feline Diamond Collar and custom B-Ball jersey – Sir Charles
Smoochles Poochles Doggy Bone – George and Henry
Best Band – Gay Paris
Soul Train Heart String Locket – Kira Puru & The Bruise
Solid Gold Beer Bong For Dopest Funk – God God Dammit Dammit
Dinner In The Captains Cabin Voucher – The Good Ship
Trophy For Most Outrageous Venue Exit Strategy – Stevie J (of GGDD )
Bandanna Award For Most Bandannas Worn – WH
Slick Willies Fashion Award – Blacktooth
Most Hated Outfit (including silly hats) – WH
The Language As A Second Language Diploma – Slim
Eagle Eyes Aviator Shades Award – Six Guns


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