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Party Barbarians from the distant past!

We’ll Burn This City To The Ground

You’ve loved us from afar. Maybe you’ve hugged us after a show. Maybe you’ve even seen us at the pub and we’ve tried to get you to buy us drinks with varying degrees of success.

Now it’s time to up the ante.

It’s time for Gay Paris to give back.

But you have to throw a party.

Only by a never ending party can Gay Paris exist.

Want to be part of a savage run through decadence and excess not seen since Caligula flooded the coliseum?

All you need is a space large enough to hold us and your buddies as we ruin your neighbour’s chances of having a nice, quiet weekend.

We supply the PA, amps, drums and genuinely disturbing/amazing stage show and possibly a bunch of hangovers/hangers on from whatever party we played before – that’s right, we’ll be doing this all day long. Well, at least for 10 hours or so.

Sets will take place at 1:30pm, 3pm, 4:30pm, 6pm, 7:30pm, 9pm and 10:30pm, giving us time to flee the scene of our previous travesty against decency and set up at your place. Pick a time, go on, we dare you, we’ll be in and set up in 15 minutes with the help of our road crew of miscreants, play a 20 minute set and be gone before any noise complaints can garner a response from the po po- and hey, if you’re the host, you can even influence our set list, so what do you wanna hear? The old shit? The new shit? That awesome song by the Wu-Tang Clan? You got it, good buddy.

Hell, theme your parties, we’ll have so many costume changes that Lady Gaga will look like Slim Pickins (yeah, I’m callin’ him out – buy some more clothes, dude).

As alluded to before, we’ll have a party bus piloted by our good buddy, Crisis The Corncob Clown taking anyone debauched enough to do this more than once in a day from one location to the next. If you have the stamina, we provide the driver. He will get a touch weird once the sun goes down though, so be warned.

House fires all round. Get at us.