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Gay Parisian Update Super Special

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Well, I guess that it has been quite some time since I turned my hand to filling yall in on what’s been going on out in the woods, so now is just about as fine as any other moment to get down on the earth and rub your ears on the leaves til you hear the hooves and such, they get closer, you know?

We’ve had a fairly good run of shows lately, sharing the stage with bands that turned out not only good players, but sweet people to boot (Hell City Glamours, we’re looking really hard at you at this point. So good, so nice, so damn attractive).

After the show on the weekend (The Vaudevillains and Captain Reckless & The Lost Souls), I dare say that we were all feeling a little under the weather (for me it was thunderheads and St. Elmo’s Fire wrapped around my winter cap) – it doesn’t matter how late you stay out, nor even how many days, you’ll never make a connection in those kind of conditions. Possibly I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I’ve met a wolf from the future, after all.

Preparations for a filmclip are under way, taking direction from our long time buddy and documentor, Lehi Curtis ( a man who has been to Glitter Canyon, if you must know) and artist Alice Amsel ( to be quite honest, the three of us have started a ‘side project’, which will take some time to get going, but expect a blues/soul hybrid).

Young Fraiddy Cat Podmore has been doing vocals for his other band, Suprise Wasp’s EP with Dave Hammer at the helm – think punk rock being raped by a red tornado. You can catch Podmore and his merry gents at Spectrum on Thursday July 2nd along with our old stampin’ grounds stampin’ buddies Hospital The Musical and This City Sunrise.

We head into the studio ourselves in August, once again, Dave Hammer will be producing. The final two tracks (My First Wife, She Was A Fox Queen and Granpappy’s Porch Sittin’ Blues) should be finished in the next week or so – Hell, we’ve even began writing for album number two (remember, I’ve met the Future Wolf).

Prior to the recording process we have a lil’ shindig at The Sandringham in Newtown (let me tell you, I’ve never felt so lucky to be in the Innerwest, after nearly a year away in the North, any chance to hang out in Newtown is a blessing to me). Rockin’ it with us will be Grand Fatal, Black Level Embassy and Nunchukka Superfly.

Around the time of our recording, we have a support show for The Snowdroppers, out at Katoomba – and once again, that’s somewhere I wanna hang. The mountain air will do my soul a world of good. After that, it’s a mini-festival at The Annandale with bands such as Hell City Glamours, La Mancha Negra and Run! Hide! This should be a real special event, people, so bring your loved ones (I will likely try make love to them, a beautiful sight, if you’ve never witnessed me in the throws of passion).

In September, there will be a run of shows with Hell City Glamours, likely around Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle – though don’t quote me on this and hopefully we will be expanding the list of citites that this rock n’ roll adventure encompasses.

October most assuredly see’s us head back to Melbourne for the first time since our death defying escape in February – we have a couple of cool shows booked as well as Fermez La Bouche Festival. More details as soon as I get the OK to say OK.

That’s about all I know for now and I’ll try keep yall up to date.
Stay special and loved, yall.




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