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Fri Dec 6 Titanium @Commercial Hotel – Nambour

Sat Dec 7 – Thriller @ Coniston Lane – Brisbane

Fri Dec 13 – Karova Lounge – Ballarat 

Sat Dec 14 – Northcote Social Club – Melbourne

Thu Dec 19 –  ANU Bar – Canberra

Fri Dec 20 – Annandale Hotel – Sydney

Sat Dec 21 – Reunion Fest @ Entrance Leagues Club – The Entrance

Sun Dec 22 – Hyfest @ Dicey Riley’s – Wollongong





SORRY, SA, TAS, WA, NT and OS – send $$$!

The Last Last Good Party

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Ash Wednesday Boudoir Party – Official Music Video

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Second single from our new record, The Last Good Party.

Big love to BOSS Pictures for getting this together for us.

Shot, Directed and Edit by Mikey Hamer
Many thanks to
1st AD… Julia Gorman
MUA… Nick Plummer, Nikki Rose & Samara Gildea
Prod. Design… Nick Plummer & Mikey Hamer
Wardrobe… Nick Plummer
Armor (worn by Luke)… Gertrude Grimm
Prod. Assist… Alice Amsel

Julia Gorman
Chelle Hanley
Sara Potter
Rachel Cox
Sugarat Keziah

Addsie Pads
Aaron Dogjaw

The Last Good Party

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The Last Good Party

Click the links for more details.
Bring money!

If you need convincing, check out our new song – Ash Wednesday Boudoir Party.

Thursday 18 April – Bull N Bush, Baulkham Hills
Friday 19 April – Yours & Owls, Wollongong
Saturday 20 April – Phoenix, Canberra
Wednesday 24 April – The Cambridge, Newcastle
Thursday 25 April – Port Macquarie Hotel, Port Macquarie
Friday 26 April 26 – The Joynt, Brisbane
Saturday 4 May – Cherry Bar, Melbourne.
Sunday 5 May – Cherry Rock, Melbourne
Friday 10 May – Royal Oak Hotel, Launceston
Saturday 11 May – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Friday 17 May – The Enigma, Adelaide
Saturday 18 May – Jetty Bar, Glenelg
Thursday 23 May – Moonshine Bar, Manly
Friday 24 May – Fitzroy Hotel, Windsor
Saturday 25 May – Railway Express Club, Darwin
Thursday 30 May – Musicman Megastore, Bendigo
Friday 31 May – The Loft, Warnambool
Saturday 1 June – Rock and Load Festival, St Kilda
Friday 7 June – Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Saturday 8 June – North St Bar and Café, Batemans Bay
Friday 14 June – Sphere Nightspot, Sutherland
Saturday June 15 – Baroque Bar, Carrington Hotel, Katoomba
Friday 21 June – The Northern, Byron Bay
Thursday 27 June – Mojos, Fremantle
Friday 28 June – Yah Yah’s, Perth
Saturday 29 June – Prince of Wales, Bunbury

The Story Of The Last Good Party

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Hey y’all, it’s been an age and then some since I updated this due to our recording and illness and touring with our super famous pals. In the spirit of the holiday season, I thought I’d share this heartwarming Holy Day tale with everybody.

Enjoy your holidays (don’t disturb me, I’ll be partying with Mithra and Horus) and have a special fun time on New Years Eve. Don’t forget to send us presents.

PS. For those who contributed to Pozible, we haven’t forgotten, we’re just abysmal when it comes to time management. Please don’t forget that you love us. The rewards (and The Last Good Party) are coming.

From The Wilder Scrolls 2: 1-20

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from WH, that all the world should party (and this party was first made when Blacktooth was governor of all dope riffs). And all went to party, everyone into his own city. And Slim also went up from Stanmore, out of the city of Sydney, unto the wilderness of celebration, unto the city of Honourable Laser Sluts, which is called Gay Paris; (because he was an international fancy boy). To be party with the Slimy women, his espoused taste, being great with The Vertical Snake. And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that all women should be satisfied and men too. And Six Guns brought cosmic rays from his eyes and determined that the ontology of the party should shift to eternal, a new age of Last and Forever. Because this was done, the pubs were all full as brandies were reasonably priced.

And there were in the same country dudes abiding in the guise of Super Famous Pals, keeping watch over their own Honourable women with the great mantra – “It’s all we’ve got!”. And, lo, Black Louie, The Morning Star: Hot Darkly came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in The Last Good Party, which shall last eternal if you understand custard friendship. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the brandies and wine and beer and spiced rum, lying in a gutter with many men and women of desirous nature. And suddenly there was with Hot Darkly a multitude of Kitsune, praising WH, and saying,

“Thy trousers, remove them and thrust!”

And it came to pass, as the Fox Queens were gone away from them into the boudoir, the Super Famous Pals said one to another, Let us now go even unto Gay Paris, and see this thing which is come to pass, which Hot Darkly hath made known unto us. And they came with haste, and found WH and Slim and Six Guns and Blacktooth with honourable babes lying in the gutter, crapulent and rude with drink. And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this party. And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the Super Famous Pals. But WH kept all these things, and pondered them in his strange mind and heart. And the Super Famous Pals returned, glorifying and praising Gay Paris for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.



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Gay Paris will be doing dirty fucking rock band things all over the country to promote the first single ‘The Demarcation Of Joseph Hollybone’ from their forthcoming sophomore album.

Six Guns, Ol’ Black Tooth, Slim Pickins’ and Wailin’ H Monks are packin’ the wagon and taking their genre-bending blend of blues, swamp and rock’n’roll to the whiskey swilling masses in support of bangin’ single ‘The Demarcation Of Joseph Hollybone.’ This is the first wailing tune from their forthcoming second album ‘The Last

Good Party’. Get that party going by listening to it HERE:

Gay Paris are going to entertain the shit out of you whether well dressed or three quarters naked, they’re wild, sexy, abrasive and catchy as fuck! Don’t let your sense of morality make you miss out on what promises to be some of the most exciting, inventive and visceral performances this side of LSD. Get your first taste of ‘The Last Good Party’ at the following venues:

Saturday November 03 – Transit Bar, Canberra

Wednesday November 07 – The Cambridge, Newcastle.
With The Peep Tempel.

Thursday November 08 – The Steyne, Manly
With The Peep Tempel.

Friday November 09 – The Sando, Sydney
With The Peep Tempel + Spank Cauldron

Saturday November 10 – The Patch, Wollongong
With The Peep Tempel +Rocking Horse and the Baby Dolls

Thursday November 15 – Prince of Wales, Bunbury
With The Beards + The Snowdroppers

Saturday November 17 – Rosemount Hotel, Perth
With The Beards + The Snowdroppers

Sunday November 18 – The Indi Bar, Scarborough
With The Beards + The Snowdroppers

Friday November 23 – The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba
With Jack Flash + The Mercy Beat

Saturday November 24 – Rics Bar, Fortitude Valley
With The Mercy Beat

Friday November 30 – The Tote, Melbourne
With The Peep Tempel + The Stiffys

Saturday December 01 – The Nash, Geelong
With The Peep Tempel +The Stiffys

Thursday December 06 – Royal Oak, Launceston
With Guthrie + Woof Woof

Friday December 07 – Spurs Saloon, Devonport
With Guthrie + Woof Woof

Saturday December 08 – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
With Guthrie + Woof Woof

Saturday December 15 – Jive, Adelaide
With Silent Duck + Kelshy

Show your good graces by clicking ‘join’

Gay Paris – The Last Good Party – Pozible Crowd Funding Party!

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El Zombie Proxenetas! Gay Paris! Loco para sesos!

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Gay Paris

Super Best Friends + Glitter Canyon + The Pieter Van Den Hoogen Band

Freshly unearthed after six months spent six feet under cooking up new tunes, Zombie Gay Paris return to chew your face off and raise funds (and the dead) for their second album, The Last Good Party.

Joined by fellow flesh-gnawin’ punk rock and blues mongrels Super Zombie Best Friends, Glitter Canyon Zombies and The Pieter Van Den Hoogen Zombie Band, Zombie Gay Paris will be marinating your brain with cuts from their new album for the very first (and possibly last – because you’ll be dead afterwards) time.

Lend a hand (or a delicious thigh) to the cause and get ready for the finest night of eyeball-danglin’ undead rock’n’roll that The Vanguard’s Zombie Week has to offer.

For tickets go to HELL

Last Good Writing Sessions

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Hey there, friends, lovers and people who thought they were going to a dude on dude french porn site!

We haven’t been posting much, or gigging; you probably miss us. Don’t worry, it’s not because we don’t want to be all up in your grill, sweating and moaning, it’s because we’re doing so much work on the new record. Just to prove it, here is a little something from the rhythm section, Slim Pickins and Six Guns Simpson, take it away!

Skeleton Demos, Dudes!

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Original art by Alice Amsel
Hey there, friends, paternity suit holders and lovers of cheap beer in tall cans – with the new record taking up almost all of our time, we haven’t been able to play many gigs or post much hilarious, informative and above all, sleazy info on the internet.

If you’re just getting down with us, you may want to know how it all began.

Head over to DUDEROCKET and read about the formative process of our earliest demos and download them for free. FREE.