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Real Southern Horror, Adelaide/Glenelg

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Heavier than metal, deeper than soul and dirtier than Ol’ Dirty Bastard, the boys of Gay Paris will be taking their swamp stompin’, shack burnin’, hip rattlin’ and bone breaking show on the road this Autumn, starting with The Crown & Anchor in Adelaide and The Jetty Bar in Glenelg.

What? You need to know more than that this instant house party is coming to your town? Damn, you’re a nosey lot, but lucky for you, there is a lot to tell.

Over the last year the gents (Ok, we’re going to take that under advisement, but trust us when we tell you that these dudes are not gentlemen, however nice their shoes and waistcoats are) have battled fire in Melbourne, floods in Brisbane and crushing hordes of fans in Sydney. Sound like a lie? Well, it’s their story, so take it up with them. When the foursome haven’t been occupied with decency stripping live shows, the guys have recorded an album with first single My First Wife? She Was A Fox Queen to be released in the near future along with a filmclip that may be just a tad too adult for mass market consumption (so make sure that you check it out).

Gay Paris. Doing it to you.

What this means:

Coerce, Gay Paris & The Burning Sea play The Crown & Anchor on Friday April 23

Gay Paris & Diesel Witch play The Jetty Bar on Saturday April 24



Our Clip Had Better Be At Least This Good

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Two or my favourite lyricists together at last, Aesop Rock and John Darnielle.

I wish they would buy me some coffee and we could write a William Burroughs styled novel of vignettes that run in no real sequence. Obviously the work will feature heavily on the wolf, spooks and Hashem front.


Film Clip

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IMG_0158, originally uploaded by Gay Paris.

Yeah, these things are thirsty work, so we sent Smokin’ D to get us another bottle and some cheese.
Clip is being edited now.
Album is being mixed now.
Another filmclip is being put together now ( I know little of this because it is being made using some kinda technomancy wherein still images are made to appear as if they were in motion).
YWHW have mercy, let the production side of things end and get me back on the road where I belong.

Picture 332 (Small)

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Picture 332 (Small), originally uploaded by Gay Paris.

Dirt naps ain’t no thang to do in public, WH! Luckily on minor dental damage was sustained.

Gay Paris at

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Gay Paris at

Black Cherry – Photos, Sucker!

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Percentages From The Boudoir

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Grilled Cheese?

So, I was communicating with a young lady who we shall just call JB for the sake of her privacy. She has conducted some research that brings great joy to my already excited loins.

78% of women ‘get wet like niagara falls’ over a healthy beard growth.

68% find a shiny dome to be attractive.

Everyone agrees that tight pants are fantastic.

Thanks, JB.

Much love