El Zombie Proxenetas! Gay Paris! Loco para sesos!


Gay Paris

Super Best Friends + Glitter Canyon + The Pieter Van Den Hoogen Band

Freshly unearthed after six months spent six feet under cooking up new tunes, Zombie Gay Paris return to chew your face off and raise funds (and the dead) for their second album, The Last Good Party.

Joined by fellow flesh-gnawin’ punk rock and blues mongrels Super Zombie Best Friends, Glitter Canyon Zombies and The Pieter Van Den Hoogen Zombie Band, Zombie Gay Paris will be marinating your brain with cuts from their new album for the very first (and possibly last – because you’ll be dead afterwards) time.

Lend a hand (or a delicious thigh) to the cause and get ready for the finest night of eyeball-danglin’ undead rock’n’roll that The Vanguard’s Zombie Week has to offer.

For tickets go to HELL


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