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Medicine Show. Rock Show. Other.

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I got a job working for a medicine show this week, not a word of a lie there. I’ll put the kazam back in your pants if you follow my drift. Mighty rough, rough, rugged nights ahead for us all and tonight is a schedule conference regarding the running of this here record making undertaking. Unfortunately, I think that I will be detained up on a soap box, learning how to cajole and flim flam – like I need any help with that.

Saturday afternoon will bring respite, albeit briefly. We hit the Annandale Hotel alongside a bunny warren of bands – including our fine, fine friends, Hell City Glamours and Run! Hide!.
We’re on just before 5pm and there will be give aways not only of Skeleton Demos but also compilation CDs featuring tracks from the bands on the bill. Also, get your grub on beforehand, as there is a silver coin donation BBQ running before the bands start.

Monday, terrible Monday – young Smokin’ D hits the kit for the first day of multi-tracking. If he doesn’t get it done by Tuesday, huge serpents will devour our bankrolls.
But it won’t come to this, of course.

Much Love



Blood,Sweat & Beers – on at 4:50pm, free CD to first hundred through the door

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Ol’ Grizzler

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I’ve been thinking about my beard; not just my beard, but beards & what they mean to the world.
There was a time when we had beards because we had nothing better to shave with than stone. It was cold and the wind whipped the chins of children, we grew beards and were warmer, in fact, it became a sign of adulthood and wisdom.
Ancient philosophers grew beards and it was part of their professional appearance. The knights Templar were charged to crop their hair short and never cut their beards as a sign of humility and lack of untowards physical vanity. Now, I shave my head for the sake of vanity and have a proud beard.
Vagrants and drifters have beards for a combination of reasons – lack of vanity, lack of a shaving kit, warmth, insanity – maybe they are time travelling philosophers of a classic age (or from some derilict paradise of a future).
How are we seen, men with beards? To shave or not to shave now, that is my question.


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Hey yall!

Well, after heading out to the Baroque Bar in Katoomba and doin’ it with The Snowdroppers, we now have a new favourite venue and favourite band.
Usually, I would never admit that a band is as great live as us. The Snowdroppers are better.
Also, those mountain folk can really boogie. Hell, I felt bad being on stage instead of with the people.
As far as most arousing frontmen go, Snowdroppers really have it down. He is the kinda man you wanna meet in a dark alley with a soft matress at the end. Just sayin’ is all.

Now, we hit the studio to multi-track the album on the 31st, the night after Blood,Sweat & Beers at the Annandale in Sydney – get on down if you wanna check out us and our buddies Hell City Glamour and Run! Hide! as well as a cavalcade of other quality acts from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Now, i’m off to do some very unpleasant things.
Wish me well.
Your pal,


Shakin’ Out Your Granddaughter’s Bones

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Allo, gentlefolk…

Tomorrow the beginning ends, we head over to E Street(?) studios and lay out the whole album live. One day to do it all – sure, we’ll be back at BJB and Dave Hammer’s joint starting on the 31st, but tomorrow is the end of the demoing and pre-production. We have re-written the songs so many times that I’m having more trouble than usual keeping my story straight – those of you who picked up Skeleton Demos will have some rare stuff on your hands, as those tracks are remarkably different as of now… of you would still like a copy, all you gotta do is ask, or come to a show (and ask, talk to the red headed hussy at our merch table, she is fast).
We got shows on the 15th in Katoomba and the 29th in Annandale. Come get down.
Oh, check this out, more from dear little Alice AKA Mooju AKA Ms. Poppyfield

I Told Him Not To Smoke So He Chewed Off My Arms

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Had my last vocal pre-produciton with Mr Hammer yessaday. Went well, the best so far most likely. Of course, we’ve changed and re-written everything to the point of nausea. August 13, we hit the studio for a live run through and recording before multi-tracking starts later in the month. We have a couple of good shows coming up so check the Myspace if you’re out in the mountains or headed to the city.
Much love